1. Difference between slice() and splice() methods:

The slice() method can take only two arguments. The first parameter of the slice() method is the starting index and the next one is the ending index. It’s doesn’t change the main array it returns a new array.

Syntax: array.slice(startIndex, endIndex)

On the other hand the splice() method can take…

1. It’s a Library, not a Framework

React is just a library it’s not a framework, because the framework is a premade solution, where some decision already made for you and you will just use them as likes Angular. But on React you can make all decisions by yourself.

React is a very light library and you…


In programming, binding means to declare or initialize a variable by var, const, or let because when we declare or initialize a value that means we bind a value with a name.
By ECMAScript-6 it is easier to manipulate the scope.

Var Declarations and Hoisting

Before talking about var declaration let’s know about hoisting….

  1. charAt(): charAt() method will return you the character of your given index number from the string that you have been provided.

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